NLCC Vice Admiral Kingsmill was formed by LCdr (NL) Kim Greenizan. The corps held their first parade on January 21, 1990.

NLCC Vice Admiral Kingsmill’s corps crest was originally designed by LCdr(NL) Carl Pickles and the final revisions were made by Mr. Colin Galigan who at the time was the Chairperson of the Navy league Cadet Committee, Ottawa Branch.

The crest is madkingsmillcreste up along the traditional navy pattern for crests. Tradition has it that the background colour is navy blue and that a rope surrounds the crest. The upper bar that bears the name Vice Admiral Kingsmill and the triple maple leaf at the bottom are also along the traditional  naval patterns. The crown at the top of the crest is the official crown of the Navy League of Canada and consists of five ships. The inside section of the crest illustrates the name that the corps has taken: “Vice Admiral Kingsmill”, the first director of the Royal Canadian Navy in 1910. The king chess piece represents the first part of the corps’ name “King”, while the mill wheel represents the second part “mill”. The blue band running down the centre of the crest represents the water that runs the mill or gives it strength. In respect to the crops, that strength is all those people that have served with or assisted in the running of the corps.

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