What are our goals?

  • Develop good citizenship, patriotism, self-respect, self-discipline, healthy living, and respect for others, in a nautical environment suited to young people.

Where are we? Where do we meet?

  • We meet at CFRB Dow’s Lake,  79 Prince of Wales Dr,  Ottawa
  • When do we meet?
  • Between September and June, once a week on Sundays.  We meet from 1300 (1:00 p.m.) to 1600(4:00 p.m.)

What do we learn about?

  • Boat work (boats and ships)
  • Ceremonial Drill
  • Citizenship (learn the roles and responsibilities of a good citizen)
  • Communications (Semaphore, Morse Code)
  • Community Service
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Introduction to Instructional Technique
  • First Aid
  • Naval history/terminology/time/traditions/ranks
  • Seamanship (how to tie knots, bends, hitches)

What else do we do?

  • Fund Raising for our sponsor and our program
  • Lots of opportunities to make new friends
  • Participate in a week long summer camp (Last week of July)
  • Practice and go to competitions with other Navy League Cadet Corps in Ontario such as those below.
Sports First Aid
Seamanship Semaphore
Drill (w/o arms) Drill w/arms
  • Participate in these parades and ceremonies:
Remembrance Day (11 November) Poppy Campaign
Traditional Naval Christmas dinner (Dec) Battle of Atlantic (1st Sunday in May)

Who teaches / supervise the cadets?

  • Skilled and motivated volunteers. Officers and civilian instructors keen to provide the cadets with the knowledge, supervision and to develop our nation’s youth. Our volunteers all receive training from the Navy League of Canada to provide them with the skills required to work with today’s youth. All our volunteers are carefully screened by the Navy League of Canada including personal background checks.
  • Interested adults who would like to volunteer their time to assist with instruction, administration or supply duties may contact the Commanding Officer at any time.


  • Sponsors:

Navy League Ottawa Branch                                      Westboro Legion