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Navy League Cadet Summer Camp 2017

Cadet training for the 2016/2017 training year is now complete and will resume in September. Please visit the website in August for updates on when training for the 2017/2018 will start. Have a great summer!


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On this Day 19 August 1942:

August 19, 1942 – World War II – Major General J. H. Roberts leads 4,963 troops from 7 regiments of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, plus almost 1,000 British, in Operation Jubilee, a nine-hour raid on the small German-held port of Dieppe to test Hitler’s Fortress Europe defences, and if possible, capture a working model of the German army’s Enigma cipher machine; Canadians suffer total of 3,500 casualties, with 900 killed, and 1,874 taken prisoner – Canada’s costliest day in World War II; only 2,210 make it back to England; Captain the Rev.John Weir Foote and Lt.-Col. Cecil Merritt are both awarded Victoria Crosses; gazetted February 14, 1946. Rev. Foote, Canadian Chaplains’ Service, was the padre of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry; during his eight hours on Dieppe beach, he tended the wounded while exposed to enemy fire; he climbed from the landing craft that was to have taken him to safety and let himself be taken prisoner so he could continue to tend the wounded men of his regiment. He is the only Canadian chaplain to receive the Victoria Cross. Merritt was C/O of the South Saskatchewan Regiment; despite serious wounds he kept leading his men across the Scie River before being taken prisoner; 81 men in the South Sasks were killed; awarded Canada’s first World War II VC for showing ‘reckless bravery’.

A ceremony is being held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid. The Dieppe Raid was a Canadian led assault on a German occupied town of Dieppe, France in 1942. This was the single bloodiest day for Canadians in the Second World War. The event will feature a recount of the Dieppe Raid by historian Béatrice Richard and the unveiling of a new commemorative plaque to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice at Dieppe, France.

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