Current Week

Sunday 21 October :

Sports Day 

Sports Day from 1300-1600 with the dress being appropriate athletic civilian attire.  Cadets please arrive between 1245-1300.

Fife and Drum Training

Fife and drum training from 1100-1200. Please bring a snack/lunch and water. Dress is appropriate athletic civilian attire.

Competition Team Training

Competition team training for Drill, Semaphore, Seamanship, and First Aid from 1200-1300. Dress is appropriate athletic civilian attire.


Parents are asked to arrive at 1545 (3:45 pm) for announcements and pick-up.

NB: Due to the high number of new cadet applicants this fall we are unable to accept new cadet applications at this time however, names will be placed on a wait list.


On this day: 21 October 1910:

The Royal Canadian Navy becomes a fact as HMCS Niobe, bought from the British Admiralty for £215,000, docks at Halifax at 12:45 pm. Niobe is a Diadem class cruiser, launched in 1899 at a cost of £600,000, well armed and about 65% as large as the famous HMS Dreadnought.


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