Current Week

Sunday 25 March:

1100-1300 – Competition Team Training

1300-1600 – Regular Cadet Training


NB: No Fife and Drum practice until after the Provincial Competitions

Parents are asked to arrive at 1545 for announcements and pick-up.

Copy of Summer Camp Application – 2018


Please note the new procedures for signing out at HMCS Carleton:

1. Cadets no longer need to sign out but MUST be accompanied by an adult to leave .

2. Parents must sign in and sign out, no exceptions with their cadet by their side.


On this Day 23 March 1943:


March 23, 1943 – World War II – Seventy-six Allied air force officers, including 9 Canadians, escape overnight from Nazi prison camp Stalag Luft III via a 330ft tunnel, 30ft below ground; the “great escape” is discovered at 4:30 in the morning, when guards sound the alarm; most will be captured and 50 executed by the Gestapo




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