Current Week


 A big thank you to all cadets and parents who helped  out with Tag Day this past weekend. It was a great success.


Competition Team members (only the Competition Team members) are asked to arrive at 11:30 am.


1300-1600 – Regular cadet training

Parents are asked to arrive at 1515 (3: 15 pm) for Promotions.


Please note the new procedures for signing out at HMCS Carleton:

1. Cadets no longer need to sign out but MUST be accompanied by an adult to leave .

2. Parents must sign in and sign out, no exceptions with their cadet by their side.


On this Day 22 April 1915:

April 22, 1915 –  Second Battle of Ypres – Canadian forces bear the brunt of the first chemical weapons attack of the war. Germans launch an evening artillery bombardment and release a poisonous cloud of olive green chlorine (mustard) gas from 4,000 cylinders in front of their trenches, which a light wind carries across the fields of Flanders towards one Canadian division and two French divisions (one territorial and the other made up of Algerian and Moroccan troops); the burning, blinding effects of the gas causes the Algerians to panic and flee, while German infantry, wearing respirators, move forward and take 2,000 prisoners and 51 guns; many Canadians are gassed, but they defend their positions, wearing only wet gauze patches and urine-soaked rags over their noses and mouths; the attack opens up a 6.5 km gap; but the Canadian 13th Battalion stands firm under heavy shelling, and the Germans fail to exploit their gains. This is the first major gas attack on the western front, in defiance of the rules of the Hague Convention. The Second Battle of Ypres in Belgium marked the advent of modern chemical warfare.



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