Current Week

Sunday  17 December:

Holiday Mess Dinner:

There will be no regular cadet training and no fife and drum and competition team training. Cadets are to arrive at 1600 (4:00 pm).  The dinner will be finished at 1830 (6:30 pm) . Cadets are to wear their full uniform. Parents are asked to pick up their cadet at that time.

Officers are asked to arrive at 1500. Dress for officers is “number 1’s”.

N.B. Cadet training will be stood down from 18 December-6 January. Cadet training will resume 7 January.

On this Day 17 December 1941:

1941 – December 17 – World War II – Battle of Hong Kong – Japanese repeat demand for surrender of the colony, but it is summarily refused by the British governor; garrison, which includes 450 Canadians, has no hope of relief, with the sinking of two British battleships off Singapore, and the crippling of the US fleet at Pearl Harbor; invasion comes the following day.


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