Current Week

Sunday 02 October:


Regular Cadet Training: 1300- 1600 (1:00 pm – 4:00 pm)


A reminder that cadets can not be dropped of before 1250.

Parents are reminded Pick-up/announcements for Regular Cadets is at 1545hrs (3:45pm). Staff must be notified that Parents  are leaving with their child if the child is being picked up early.


On this Day: 02 October 1952:

  •  – Korean War – Royal Canadian Navy destroyer HMCS Iroquois, commanded by William Landymore, is hit by return fire from shore batteries while shelling an enemy train; 3 sailors killed, 10 wounded; only RCN casualties of the war; Iroquois served three tours, the first from June 12 to November 26. Korea


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