Current Week

24 March

Navy League Summer Camp: For information on the Navy league Summer Camp and to sign  up your cadet on an Summer Camp Interest List click on SUMMER CAMP INTEREST LIST. Deadline is 25 March to sign up.


Regular Training: from 1300-1600 with the dress being full uniform or white shirt/ dark pants and shoes (for those without a uniform). Cadets please arrive between 1245-1300. Parents will be allowed to enter for the closing parade at 1545 (3:45 pm).

Fife and Drum Training: Fife and drum will practice from 1100-1130. Please bring a snack/lunch and water. Dress is full uniform or white shirt, dark pants and shoes (for those without a uniform).

Competition Team Training: Competition team training for Drill, Semaphore, Seamanship, and First Aid will be held from 1130-1300. Dress is full uniform or white shirt, dark pants and shoes (for those without a uniform). Please ensure your cadet has had lunch or brings a snack/lunch and water.

Provincial Competitions

All cadets attending Provincial Competitions must be at Dow’s Lake on Friday 29 March 2019 by 1645 (4:45 pm).  The bus will arrive at 1700 (5:00 pm) and depart as soon the cadets and gear are loaded.  Cadets will return Saturday evening at approximately 2200-2230 (10:00 pm -10:30 pm).     See KIT LIST AND ITINERARY.  Please see Permission Letter.



Parent Committee:

The Navy League of Canada Ottawa Branch is looking for parents to assist with Tag day planning, ACR Potluck and any other events that arise throughout the remaining training year. Please feel free to join  one of the Ottawa Branch meetings (second Monday of every month at 1900 at HMCS Carleton) and ask questions about these events as well as being a volunteer Parent.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email Tina Stone at

Once she has an idea of parents who are interested, she will set up a time for a short meeting to go over any questions you may have and explain the specifics.


Registration for the 2018/2019 is now closed. Registration for the 2019/2020 season will commence on 8 September 2019.


On this day March 24, 1945:


Medical Orderly Cpl Fred Topham merits the Victoria Cross for bravery this day as Canadian paratroopers and air support help the Canadian Army cross the Rhine in Operation Varsity, a joint British, US and Canadian airborne drop, the largest in the war, with 600 transports and 1,300 gliders; start of the liberation of the Netherlands.



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