Current Week

Sunday 25 November:

Fife and Drum Training

Fife and drum will practice from 1100-1200.

Competition Team Training

Competition team training for Drill, Semaphore, Seamanship, and First Aid will be held  from 1200-1300.

Regular training from 1300-1600 with the dress being full uniform or white shirt/ dark pants and shoes (for those without a uniform). Cadets please arrive between 1245-1300.


Parents are asked to arrive at 1545 (3:45 pm) for the closing parade and announcements.



On this day: 25  November 1944:


HMCS Shawinigan is torpedoed by German submarine U-1228 while leaving the port of Sydney, Nova Scotia, on a patrol mission. The vessel sinks in the Cabot Strait, with the loss of its entire crew of 91.

This tragedy is the heaviest loss of life for the Royal Canadian Navy during the Battle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.


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