Current Week

Sunday 18 November:

Regular training from 1300-1600 with the dress being full uniform or white shirt/ dark pants and shoes (for those without a uniform). Cadets please arrive between 1245-1300. Parents will be allowed to enter for the closing parade at 1545 (3:45 pm).

Fife and Drum Training

Fife and drum will practice from 1100-1200.

Competition Team Training

Competition team training for Drill, Semaphore, Seamanship, and First Aid will be held  from 1200-1300.


On this day: 18  November 1916:


18 November 1916 – Battle of the Somme – Canadian Fourth Division again attacks the Germans on the Somme; the other three Canadian divisions had been transferred to Artois mid-October; Haig is winding down the massive Allied offensive, started on July 1, 1916, after a total gain of just 125 square miles along the Western Front, and the loss of over 600,000 soldiers killed, wounded, or missing in action. German casualties were over 650,000.



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